registration centre in Kiev, propiska in Kiev

Our company will help you with paperwork. We accompany the registration procedure from beginning to end with a possible extension if necessary after the expiration of the contract. We work in your interests. You are available with us

temporary registration in Kyiv for citizens of Ukraine, registration services in Kyiv, registration in Kyiv for a month, registration of residence in Kyiv You do not need to puzzle over the task of registering in Kyiv. Everything is legal. On your part, contact our company, on our part, temporary registration in Kyiv.

We are easy to be with because we are reliable

Our advantages

Our actions are transparent and transactions are legal

Our prices are stably affordable

Only professionals work with you

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We can listen


1000 uah/ 1 month
1500 uah/ 3 month
2000 uah/ 6 month
3200 uah/ 1 year
5500 uah/ 2 years
7500 uah/ up to 5 years

Extension of stay

starting from 3000 uah

Residence permit (temporary / permanent)

starting from 3000 uah

Consent for foreigners

starting from 2200 uah

Free consultation