• Contact our center and registration in Kiev will be not expensive for you and it will be completely legal according to the current legislation of Ukraine.
  • Contact our center and registration in Kiev will be not expensive for you and it will be completely legal according to the current legislation of Ukraine.

Registration in Kyiv

Residence in Kyiv sometimes becomes a decisive factor at the time of searching for a profitable job or when choosing a prestigious kindergarten for a child, and for foreign citizens, it can be a stumbling block in matters of lawful stay in Ukraine.

In this situation, you should not rush to extremes and try to save money by searching for dubious offers of registration on classified sites. Especially for such circumstances, there is a service of legal registration in real residential apartments of Kyiv.

What is a temporary residence permit in Kyiv, and what is it for?

Official registration in Kyiv involves the registration of the place of residence of citizens of Ukraine or foreign countries at a specific address in one of the districts of the capital. Clients are registered in legally “clean” residential apartments without mass registration in the presence of the owner. Registration in Kyiv is carried out by the TsNAP state body in 15 minutes on the basis of genuine documents provided by customers.

Registration is carried out on the basis of Ukrainian legislation, which allows you to provide certificates, use the issued registration documents in various government institutions, educational institutions and social support. Obtaining a residence permit in Kyiv is not mandatory for children and adults living in the capital. But legal registration instantly opens up the prospects and privileges that are available only to Kyiv residents in various areas of life:

  1. Medical services: free treatment in public institutions, discounts on medical services, the choice of a maternity hospital and children’s clinic.
  2. Social support: obtaining benefits, pensions, payments, and subsidies, issuing a Kyiv citizen card.
  3. Migration issues: obtaining a temporary or permanent residence permit, applying for a passport in Kyiv or a biometric passport (ID card).
  4. Education and training: registration of preschool children and adolescents in secondary schools or kindergartens, admission to secondary specialized and higher educational institutions.
  5. Employment and career growth: the opening of a work visa, the placement in various positions and the implementation of entrepreneurial activity.
  6. Property procedures: legal actions with tangible property, registration of a vehicle or company, customs transactions.

Personal non-property issues: obtaining form 13, opening bank accounts and obtaining loans, applying for a driver’s license or TIN, registering with the military registration and enlistment office, participating in elections.

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Temporary and permanent registration

In the field of state registration of the place of residence of Ukrainians and foreign citizens, there are concepts of permanent and temporary registration. Both procedures are carried out according to a similar scheme but differ only in terms of the validity of documents issued by administrative authorities on the basis of registration.

Temporary registration is limited to a few months of legal registration in the metropolitan area, a permanent one is issued for several years.

Paid registration is not limited to mandatory periods; there are no specific requirements. The client independently chooses the optimal registration validity period and enters into an agreement with our company for a similar period.

Residence in Kyiv for citizens of Ukraine and foreigners

Legal registration of a place of residence in the capital for Ukrainians will greatly facilitate life and make staying in a metropolis even more comfortable. Quick registration in Kyiv for citizens of Ukraine will help you to feel all the benefits previously available only to Kievans. But registration in Kyiv for foreign citizens will become a prerequisite when applying for a temporary or permanent residence permit, employment, and social services.

Regardless of the goals and nationality of the client, the registration procedure remains standard and will require no more than an hour in just 15 minutes of personal time. The documentation package for Ukrainians and foreigners remains exhaustive, without the sudden need for additional certificates or permits.

Interested in a temporary or permanent residence permit in Kyiv legally? Already get detailed and absolutely free expert advice on registration of residence. Request a consultant callback in one click. Just leave your name and phone number in the form below and immediately expect a specialist call.

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Documents for obtaining a Kyiv registration

To officially register in Kyiv, you do not need to go through circles of bureaucracy and confirm your identity dozens of times. It is enough for Ukrainian citizens to have their own passport with them.

Holders of new identity cards in ID card format will need a certificate confirming registration. Men need to have a registration certificate or military ID. The registration and registration in Ukraine for citizens of other states is carried out on the basis of a certificate of temporary or permanent residence permit.

The cost of registering a place of residence in Ukraine

It is legal to buy a residence permit in Kyiv much cheaper and more profitable than spending a tidy sum to buy your own living space in the capital or to pay for trying to register in a rented apartment with unfamiliar people.

The price of registration in Kyiv is fixed and will depend on the registration period at the desired address. We do not limit clients to obligatory periods and amounts: we will help you to register for a month or even several years. Specialists will select the optimal tariff taking into account the goals and circumstances of the client in order to solve the customer’s request and even help save money.

The cost of the official residence in the capital with a mark in the passport will cost from 5 to 40 hryvnia per day, depending on the duration of the contract. The cost of our services is simply meager, compared with the monetary benefits and prospects that open after receiving a city registration.

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Our advantages

Registration in Kiev is implemented in a residential apartment without mass registration

The owner of the apartment gives his agreement on registration personally

It takes 15 minutes to register in a state body - TsNAP

We work without mediators, that's why we offer a low price for registration

We conclude an agreement for the entire period of registration in Kiev, this is the guarantee of official registration

Registration in Kiev from 1000 hryvnia

Reviews about our registration service in Kiev

Frequently asked questions about registration in Kiev:

Where is registration in Kiev carried out?

In the district ZNAPs of the city

How to buy registration in Kiev?

Contact our agency and we will process all the necessary documents quickly and inexpensively

How to get the registration in Kiev?

Contact our agency – we act immediately

I need a temporary residence permit in Kiev

We only need your desire for cooperation.

I am going to buy registration in Kiev. What do I need?

  1. Passport or residence permit. 2. For men – military ID

I want to buy registration for a year

It will be a quick and profitable procedure.

I need registration. How quickly can I register?

We will register you in 15 minutes

What is the difference between registration and «propiska»?

Since 2001, the term «propiska» has been used instead of the term registration.

Is registration for money legal?

Absolutely. We work strictly within the framework of the current legislation.

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