Residence permit

Every day, hundreds of foreigners come to Ukraine to travel, find employment, attend cultural and scientific events, reunite the family and friendly ties, but for most of them, a trip or business trip ends very quickly. Only a residence permit in Ukraine will allow you to stay in the country for any convenient period – a migration document confirming the right to stay legally. The advantages of a residence permit are:

  • Unhindered stay in the country without a special visa and regular crossings of the state border;
  • The exclusion of constant sky-high spending on the repayment of the consular fee and the purchase of insurance required for each foreigner;
  • The ability to replace a document when reaching the age of 25, 45 years;
  • The lack of time restrictions for living in the state (now you do not need to calculate 90 of 180 days from the date of arrival)
  • Simplified work: the possibility of combining jobs and employment.

What is a residence permit for foreigners in Ukraine?

A residence permit in Ukraine for citizens of Russia and other countries of the world opens the rights and opportunities available to all Ukrainian citizens. The legislative restriction for citizens of other states is the lack of mandatory service in the Armed Forces and the absence of certain political rights. To quickly obtain a residence permit in Ukraine, it is important to meet specific requirements:

  • The completely legal crossing of the state border;
  • Clear personal reasons for issuing a document;
  • Lack of open criminal record in our country;
  • The validity of a foreign passport of a foreigner is more than six months at the time of the visit to the administrative authority.

Certain categories of foreigners will need to additionally confirm the absence of an outstanding criminal record in their native state, as well as prove the appropriate level of health (absence of diseases of an infectious nature and drug dependence).

What is the difference between a permanent residence permit in Ukraine and a temporary one?

The legislation provides for two forms of the residence permit of Ukraine — permanent or temporary. Both options are equally legal and fully confirm the rights of a foreigner. Differences are only in terms of acceptable action, speed of issuance and prospects that are provided to the citizen.

Differences Constant Temporary
Total validity Termless 3-6 months
Available Rights Opportunity to work without the separate permission For employment, you must additionally obtain a permit
Conditions for obtaining a residence permit in Ukraine Receive aliens who are in immigration or staying in the country permanently The basis is work, training, family reunion, participation in cultural and educational events
Date of issue 3-6 months 15 days

How to get a residence permit in Ukraine?

Our center offers to issue a residence permit in Ukraine inexpensively and completely legally. In the process of registering a residence permit, the requirements of Ukrainian law are clearly observed, so that foreigners get the opportunity to stay in Ukraine without worries about deportation, administrative penalties and additional visits to the migration service.

Specialists of the center accompany the client at each stage. The consultants will help to obtain information and collect a package of documents, advise on legal issues and arrange the submission of papers to the administrative authority without waiting and queues.

It takes 15 days to issue a temporary residence permit, an unlimited document is issued after 3-6 months. At the time of issuing a permit with permanent action, it is necessary to have a registration of the place of residence. In this case, we offer to obtain a residence permit in Kyiv with official consent from the owner of the apartment. After submitting documents, it is possible to extend the registration period at a specific address for a period of 1 month to 5 years.

Documents for registration of permanent residence in Ukraine

The procedure for obtaining a residence permit in Ukraine is based on the collection of a number of documents established by state legislation. The list of securities is not exhaustive; it changes taking into account the requirements and grounds for obtaining a residence permit in Ukraine for a specific person. The general list of documents includes:

  • Statement of established form;
  • Passport;
  • Translation of passport pages with personal data into Ukrainian (with notarial mark);
  • State duty repayment receipt;
  • Copy of immigration permit with notarization.

Terms for obtaining a residence permit in Ukraine

A temporary residence permit is issued within 15 days, to obtain a permanent one you will need to wait from 3 to 6 months. After registering a residence permit, our center will register in Kyiv for a period of 1 month to 5 years. Request a call back on the site, and our manager will call you at a convenient time. The migration consultant will explain in detail how to make a residence permit in Ukraine and place an order for issuing documents.


1000 uah/ 1 month
1500 uah/ 3 month
2000 uah/ 6 month
3200 uah/ 1 year
5500 uah/ 2 years
7500 uah/ up to 5 years

Extension of stay

starting from 3000 uah

Residence permit (temporary / permanent)

starting from 3000 uah

Consent for foreigners

starting from 2200 uah

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